Oct 16, 2016

Hey! I was going to say "I'm finally back in the swing of things", but apparently I never got out of it. -slinks away awkwardly- It's been getting pretty chilly (by chilly I mean like mid 50s, I get cold easily okay?) but apparently it's supposed to warm up again for a day then.. get colder again and rain all week. 

I had a lot of fun putting this together today! Still not sure if I'm that satisfied with the overall decorating I did, but ah well! Sometimes it's better to just let it be. This cute maid set (I even got my own customized pin with my name on it <3) is now available at The Epiphany! And the yummy looking eclair set I'm also wearing is out now for kustom9! And last but not least, a new skin (and eyes) from Angelica coming soon for Candy Fair! Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Build | HIDEKI - Cafe RARE
Cafe Set | {vespertine}- juniper garden table/ iron black
Divider | Ariskea [ Pot Pourri ] Separator with ivy
Fruit Stand | dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . full set
Stand | Ariskea [ Pot Pourri ] Herboriste Stand
Umbrella | Trompe Loeil - Keliana Umbrella

Dress | [1]mignon. -anna maid dress. [Maitreya] RARE {the epiphany} . new!
Earrings | [Black Bantam] Eclair Earrings {kustom9} . new!
Eclair | 
[Black Bantam] Nom Nom Eclair For You {kustom9} . new!
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) CHOCO EYES #dark {candy fair} . starts oct 17th!
Hair | Eaters Coma - HAIR 70
Loafers | [2]mignon. -anna loafers heel. [Maitreya] RARE {the epiphany} . new!
Necklace | [Black Bantam] Eclair Choker {kustom9} . new!
Plate | mignon. -anna "moe" pancakes plate. (strawberry) {the epiphany} . new!
Ring | [Black Bantam] Eclair Ring {kustom9} . new!
Skin | (*ANGELICA) CANDY :dollfie: pink {candy fair} . starts oct 17th!
Socks | =Zenith=Belt leg warmer -Maitreya - RARE