Oct 18, 2016

I'm setting out on a journey to catch them all! Heh. Today I finally have some goodies for you for the upcoming Geeks n Nerds event! Originally I was actually going to take a short break because of an issue with being flagged as a moderate stream on flickr (and would return after it was fixed) but they had it all fixed within 10 minutes of me emailing them. I don't do moderate photos often, but when I do, apparently I forget to bring their rating level up. Oops. Clearly I do not do them often at all. It would be cool if flickr didn't mark your entire stream as moderate for one photo though! /end rant

Anywho! Geeks n Nerds starts up on the 22nd! I know some of you might be wondering why the date is different than it originally was set for, but a lot of the designers involved had issues with the deadline due to the most recent hurricane that I am failing to remember the name of. Now that everything is okay, this is when they decided to start the event! Hope you guys can stand the wait. Just a few more days~ Not everything I'm wearing is from the event though, keep reading on for the rest! Photo taken at Neverfar!

{ credits }

Glasses | Izzie's - Good Old Glasses {geeks n' nerds} . starts oct 22nd!
Gloves | Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves - Slink Gesture
Hair | Sweet Thing. & [LCKY] Thanako
Handheld | :BAMSE: Monsterdex - Hearts
Necklace | [Fetch] Arcade Necklace {geeks n' nerds} 
. starts oct 22nd!
Pose | Nais - Free Pose 03 - 03
Shoes | {Livalle} Greeble -Cyber Platform Wedges- Red (Maitreya) {geeks n' nerds} . starts oct 22nd!
Trainer Outfit | FATEplay - GO Play - Outfit (Lara) {geeks n' nerds} 
. starts oct 22nd!