Oct 7, 2016

I'm in the holiday spirit already~ What do you mean it's not Halloween? Every day in October is Halloween! Honestly I just wanted to get all dressed up for it, so I did. I could use some stress relief since everything's been getting to me. Not too much to say, but I'm trying to get back into normal blogging before I get a block again (and before I'm swamped with events and stuff). Wish me luck! I'll probably need it.

Heyy, before I forget.. and totally didn't realize originally, this marks my 500th blog post! -throws confetti-

{ credits }

Balloon | C.ment ::  halloween gacha / 3.  Ghost balloon {panic of pumpkin. new!
Body | Caboodle - Yandere's Competition - Clean {memento mori}
Bottles | 
C.ment ::  halloween gacha /  1. ghost bottle 2,3,4 {panic of pumpkin} . new!
Boxes | 
C.ment :: steel box 3
Cat Pumpkins | JIAN Cat Pumpkin :: Napping
Cupcake | Halloween witch Mont Blanc poche {panic of pumpkin}
Parfait | Halloween witch parfait poche {panic of pumpkin}
Pumpkins | . a i s l i n g . Pumpkin -Multiples-
Step Ladder | 
C.ment :: ladder / gray
Storage Rack | C.ment :: wire wall storage basket 1
Table | C.ment ::  halloween gacha /happy halloween table (RARE2) {panic of pumpkin} . new!
Tray | mignon. -Black moon story. Halloween dish! ~ secret RARE
Webs | +Half-Deer+ Starlit Spiderweb {salem}

Dress | *katat0nik* (Halloween) Choco Dress
Earrings | M+m : Ribbon earrings
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) BABY EYES #mocha brown
Hair | [NANI] Hazel.Hair {the seasons story} . new!
Headband | [Black Bantam] Feeling Batty Headband - Black Chrome {the chapter four}
Heels | REIGN.- Hocus Platform Heels (Maitreya-High) BLACK {salem}
Mouthie | *N*MOMIJI with Lantern (wear) tss gift 1610 {the seasons story} . new!
Parasol | *::.who what.::* -Halloween parasol- RARE [ Pumpking ] 
{panic of pumpkin}
Pose | *icen*Yukata06
Skin | (*ANGELICA) MARON :dollfie: autumn leaves {the seasons story} . new!
Stockings | .Atomic. Flutter Tights - Onyx