Nov 1, 2016

Hey! Happy November! I was originally going to do this for Halloween, but you get it today instead! I didn't really feel like doing much yesterday, so I just sat at home and chilled for the day, and played some League of Legends with my bf. Once I thought about it, I really didn't feel like dressing up anyway. I heard it was pretty cold out there besides, so I don't think I would have enjoyed it too much! As we get older, things that used to excite us like parties and birthdays and holidays just seem like any other day. It's a bit depressing for me, I guess!

Mostly wearing some Halloween goodies, but I also have a new decor set from Cherry House, cute new dragons from lassitude&ennui, and a new pup from JIAN as well! Mostly for Gacha Garden. Hope you enjoy~

{ credits }

Barrel | 8.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Design drawings barrel {gacha garden} . new!
Box with Scissors | 3.
{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Box & Scissors {gacha garden} . new!
Build | 1.{{C.H}}-Studio sky box-RARE {gacha garden} . new!
Chair | 10.
{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Swivel chair {gacha garden} . new!
Clock Deco | 13.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Clock decoration {gacha garden} . new!
Lamp | 9.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-table lamp {gacha garden. new!
Mannequin | 4.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Human model {gacha garden} . new!
Plans | 5.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Design Drawings & Pen {gacha garden} . new!
Rug | 12.
{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Carpet {gacha garden} . new!
Sewing Machine | 14.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Seed of inspiration {gacha garden} . new!
Table | 7.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Working table {gacha garden} . new!
Tin | 15.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Pen container-GIFT {gacha garden} . new!
Trash Can | 11.
{{C.H}}-clothing studio-trash can {gacha garden} . new!
Wall Planner | 2.{{C.H}}-clothing studio-Photo Clip {gacha garden} . new!

Black Dragon | lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp - onyx RARE 
{gacha garden} . new!
Choker | *katat0nik* (panda2) USB Choker {geeks n nerds}
Eyes | *SNR* Halloween Eyes 01/02 . gift!
Face Tattoo | -[TWC]- Ghosty bandaid -face- *SaNaRae Gift*
Hair | [DUE] Young
Headband | ::C'est la vie !:: Bat headband / GroupGift
Jacket | miwa's airship -Halloween Baseball jacket . gift!
Pose | [KoKoLoReS] It's cold poses - I'm cold
Puppy | JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: Teddy Puff Companion RARE {gacha garden} . new!
Shoes/Stockings | VCO ~ U & I Knee socks { 006 }
Skirt | -Pixicat- Sailor.Skirt - Black (Maitreya)
White Dragon | lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp - albino RARE {gacha garden} . new!
Wings | lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp wings - touch me - SOI {gacha garden} . new!