Nov 15, 2016

Hello hello~ I've just been really stressed a lot so I've been avoiding blogging and such. A lot of changes are coming soon and I'm not the greatest with change. I think I already stated that exact sentence in a previous blog post.. ah well! I'm currently addicted to watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Just started a couple days ago and I'm already half way through. Some kdramas are so good that I can't stop watching. I think I would say that is probably one of them. I have a headache so I won't be too lengthy with the post today, but I have new goods from Ayashi and on today! .. And last second I realized, one of the items I was wearing took itself off. Well, I'll just wear it another time. Did I tell you guys I finally got a chance to see what Luxebox was like? I got super lucky and won one from a giveaway hosted by Sophia Harlow. I was pretty shocked! I'll be showing off some goodies from there as well because I liked a few of the things inside. Hope you guys enjoy the look for today! Photo taken at It All Starts With a Smile.

{ credits }

Boots | - Connie.Boots (Coal) {n21}
Bra | mignon. - jolie lingerie. bra [Maitreya] fat. RARE {CCB} . starts nov 19th!
Cardigan | .::Dead Dollz::. Flynn Cardigan
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Rizala hair {hairology} . new!
Jeans | -Pixicat- Klara.Jeans - LightBlue
Pose | *EverGlow* Frost 02