Jan 11, 2017

Once again, I was reduced to dog sitting for the night! So I decided to head to The Seasons Story and grab a few things. I wasn't actually going to do a blue outfit today, but, why not? I guess if anything I could make it a new year's resolution to add more colors into my blog posts. Maybe that will get me somewhere! I have a new dress for Project Se7en that was the main point of this post. Hope you guys like! Photo taken at Beautiful 4 Seasons.

{ credits }

Boots | *Tentacio* Play with snow. blue boots [ the seasons story ]
Dress | ***Ambrosia***Checkered pattern Dress[blue] [ project se7en ]
Earmuffs | Atomic {Alpaca Earmuffs}
Hair | TRUTH HAIR Kati [ vip group gift ]
Pose | *icen*Yukata04
Socks | ::C'est la vie !:: Jody rib socks (#2) - Maitreya