Feb 20, 2017

Hello~ I woke up this morning feeling ill so when I finally got to bed I slept for quite a while.. then forgot it was a holiday til I had already went out to check the mail. Oops! My head was on backwards. I put together this cute little scene for today and 90% of it is pretty much from Whimsical. I think I still need some rest, so I'll see you later. <3

{ credits }

Bed | 3.Cherry house-Small household-bed [whimsical] NEW
Build | 1.Cherry house-Small household-Sky box-RARE [whimsicalNEW
Cage | Ariskea [ Chic Baby ] Rosy Babybreath Floor
Couch | 6.Cherry house-Small household-sofa [whimsicalNEW
Fashion Sign | Ariskea[PinkAffair] Fashion Sign
Table | Ariskea[PinkAffair] Table of Books
Wall Photos | Ariskea [Hue] Frames Woodplank

Dress | [1]mignon. -rabichina sailor dress. [Maitreya] ULTRARARE 
Hair | [NANI] Momo.Hair RARE [whimsicalNEW
Pose | Kirin - Haru Pose 3
Shoes | [1]mignon. -rabichina chu shoes. [Maitreya] ULTRARARE [whimsicalNEW