Mar 7, 2017

Helloo! Long time no see, huh! I am SO SORRY for my disappearance. I promise I have an explanation. I'm not entirely back, by the way, but.. It started out as needing space for a couple days due to a certain event that ended up far better than expected. But then, it turned into my sister's cat managing to break my laptop screen. And I woke up to that just a day before said event I was having panic attacks over. So, I'm sure you can imagine how distraught I was. The reason I'm not back is because I don't have my new laptop screen yet, BUT I should, hopefully, by Wednesday! I bought Breath of the Wild for bf so he won't bother me while I'm taking over his laptop in the meantime. Haha. That's not actually why, but we talked it over anyway because I need to get a move on with the blog posts. A week is far too long! And right before Skin Fair, no doubt, which is opening up really shortly you see. I want to be sure to show you guys a preview BEFORE it opens. I apologize for the quality not being up to the normal standards I have due to limitations (the difference in graphics/screen), but I will remedy that quite soon!

As I was saying though, here are some goodies from around the globe! I will have a LM to Skin Fair for you once it's closer to the opening! All I'll say for now is.. you better get hyped, because it's really awesome this year!

{ credits } 

Arm Tattoo | ISUKA Hereford [Maitreya] @ skin fair OPEN 3/10
Bar | Birdy. Cabaret - Bar RARE
Chaise Lounge | Birdy. Cabaret - Chaise Lounge - Black
Collar | [CX] Glitch Collar (Silver)
Corset | Birdy. Cabaret - Fancy Corset - Lara - Black RARE
Eyeliner | Bossie. everyday eyeliner set [catwa] @ skin fair OPEN 3/10
Face Tattoo | CURELESS [+] Insurgent Mechanoid Face Tattoos / OMEGA @ uber NEW
Fireplace | Birdy. Cabaret - Fireplace
Gun | MI86579 Mesh Handgun 92A1
Hair | *barberyumyum*89(black) @ sanarae
Lashes | Bossie. eyelashes mix set [catwa] @ skin fair OPEN 3/10
Leg Tattoo | .ARISE. Bane Tattoo / Dark OMEGA APPLIER @ the chapter four NEW
Lipstick | -SU!- The Matte Lip Essentials //Catwa BENTO// NEW
Medusa Piercing | [CX] Bento Piercing Medusa - Silver ( Catwa )
Red Eye | 
CURELESS [+] Cat Eye Syndrome [group gift] NEW
Shoes | friday - Lana Booties (Coal) - Maitreya @ the arcade NEW
Skin | [ MUDSKIN ]_Kira#1_Catwa Mesh Head Applier_S2
Stockings | [Juju] Tokyo Lara @ uber
Stole | *T.Whore* - Sexy Fur Stole Black
White Eye | CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon / PURE/