Friday, April 14, 2017

Hello~ It's nice out today and I feel like I want to go outside, but then I also feel like staying inside and playing games all day. Also taking care of the sick bf since he's overworking himself and coming home with blisters on his feet. And now what is likely a mild cold. Poor thing. I feel like spring/summer is the worst time to get sick. Here's to hoping I don't catch it!

Anywho, so I've got new stuff for quite a few things. I have to ask though, does anyone's Firestorm randomly reset the photo dimensions, and when you go to take a pic you don't realize it until it's too late and it basically either crashes your Firestorm, or your computer itself? Because this is probably the third time I've had it happen.. and I definitely hadn't messed with any settings. I'll also find sometimes that Firestorm will come up and be on max settings when it shouldn't be! It's so odd. I did get the pic last night though, and my computer finally calmed down after probably.. 15 minutes of panic. 

AND ONE LAST THING. This pose is part of a set that is special to me because my dear friend Synful Ghost created a whole set dedicated to me and named it after me as well. It's the first time I've had something named after me, so I'm super honored to be using it! Thank you Syn ♥ (And I took this photo at WHOLE WHEAT)

{ credits }

Brows | [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows (CATWA)
Collar | .tsg. Rose Collar - White (Sheer) cutie loot exclusive
Dress | ***Ambrosia***Off_Sholder Corset Dress @ the seasons story NEW
Eyes | {S0NG} :: Misa~ Snow Eye cutie loot exclusive
Eyeshadow | #adored - mini sticky shadow - vibrant {catwa}
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Abby the seasons story NEW
Hairbow | .tsg. Princess Hairbow - White x Pink (Sheer) cutie loot exclusive
Horns | *N*shepherd's purse Horn the seasons story NEW
Lashes | .euphoric ~ Maya Lashes  Applier ~[Catwa]V1
Lipstick | .euphoric ~ Jojo Lipstick Applier ~[Catwa]
Pose | [Curvosity] - Saka the Baka Pose 2 @ pose fair
Shoes | -Nomi-Aviva Wedge-white flower @ the chapter four