Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hello~ Despite the name of the post, it was actually really cold yesterday. (Wtf July?) Just here getting the last bit of my posts out for July. Can't believe that once again another month has passed. This was one of my crappiest blog months apparently. Normally I get in a good 15-20. Not this month I guess, but there is always next month!

Got some goodies from onsu, Ayashi, mignon and Kirin today. Super short post~ Enjoy!

{ credits }

Backdrop | [ isuka ] get out backdrop group gift
Bed | +Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed - Blush Pink
Phone | Onsu ~ "LET ME IN!" Door Phone
Planter | Onsu ~ "Grandpa's Urn" Planter ~ A

Fan/Pose | Kirin - Japanese Summer Uchiwa Pose 6 @ kustom9 
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] FP Little princess hair(Left side) @ the epiphany
Swimsuit | #1"mignon." -Lolita frill swimsuit.[Maitreya exp] RARE @ sanarae OPEN TODAY