Sunday, September 10, 2017

Yo! Sorry again for being gone for almost a week. I'm trying to NOT make a habit out of taking long breaks.. still need a few here and there apparently. I don't want to fall behind though.. so here I am! And hopefully I'll have more for you within a day or two, rather than 5 days. It's getting harder and harder to feel the blogging right now haha. This is all stuff available for the Imaginarium event, links and credits below~

{ credits }

Aquarium | *N*PingPongPearl kingyo Aquarium (rare)
*N*PingPongPearl kingyo marble Rare
*N*PingPongPearl kingyo waterweed Rare
*N*PingPongPearl Kingyo bubble #Black3 @ sanarae
Bed | *AF* Glamping 1 - Bed RARE @ imaginarium
Book Stack | *AF* Book Stack @ imaginarium
Chair | *AF* Glamping 2 - Adirondack Chair RARE @ imaginarium
Dream Decor | *AF* Glamping 6 - Dream 
End Table | *AF* Glamping 4 - Bench imaginarium
Lantern | *AF* Glamping 10 - Lantern imaginarium
Rug | *AF* Glamping 8 - Rug Sm Earth Tone imaginarium
Suitcase Stack | *AF* Glamping 7 - Stacked Suitcases imaginarium
Tent | *AF* Glamping 12 - Tent imaginarium

Glasses | +Half-Deer+ Bat Wing Glasses - Black
Hair | Doe: Vol V1 @ imaginarium
Heels | Essenz - Lima (Maitreya) 
Legwarmers | 06 -Sorumin- Back2school GACHA -Black Legwarm- Maitreya @ imaginarium
Pose | *icen*Yukata05
Skirt | RARE 05 -Sorumin- Back2school GACHA -Black skirt- Maitreya imaginarium
Sweater | RARE 04 -Sorumin- Back2school GACHA -Jumper Hello- Maitreya imaginarium

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