Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hi guys! I'm sorry for taking a small break because I was expecting to get out a few more posts for the month.. but honestly, I have a very good reason for my absense this time. I was pretty sick and ended up in the emergency department the other night. I'm okay now and everything's under control, but it caused me quite a bit of anxiety at the time.

I'm enjoying practicing with darker photos, so I decided to do that again. Of course I was pretty scatterbrained while I was working on this and at a loss of creativity, so it was a bit difficult. Hope you like it though! I hope it's not TOO dark. The new goodies are credited below. <3 (Also I totally jumped the gun talking about the PC the other day, I'll have that by the beginning of next month! Totally slipped my mind that it was a custom build.)

{ credits }

Bottles | Wednesday[+] ~ Cursed Lady ~ Poison Bottles COMMON
Cards | Wednesday[+] ~ Cursed Lady ~ Tarot Cards COMMON
Cauldron | Wednesday[+] ~ Cursed Lady ~ Cauldron COMMON
House | anxiety %apt830 RARE @ the epiphany
Rose Petals | NOMAD // Black Rose Petals
Syringes | anxiety %apt830 syringe tray @ the epiphany
Table | anxiety %apt830 covered table @ the epiphany

Bandage | #25"mignon." -mystic dream bandage. [Maitreya exp] @ kawaii project NEW
Dress | #1"mignon." -mystic dream dress. [Maitreya exp] RARE @ kawaii project NEW
Eyeshadow | .ARISE. Uma Eyeshadow / 1 CATWA @ limit8
Eyes | -SU!- Delora Eyes @ n21 NEW
Garter | AsteroidBox. Death Garter Belt -SILVER NEW
Hair/Hairbow | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Emira hair/Emira bow @ panic of pumpkin
Lashes | .ARISE. Miki Lashes CATWA @ shiny shabby
Lipstick Prop | {Imeka} Crystal - Gothic Lipstick @ kawaii project NEW
Necklace | AsteroidBox. Past Birb - Necklace [hunt item] NEW
Pose | . MILA . Poses // Heini 4