Monday, March 26, 2018

So kind of spontaneously/last minute, I asked Syn if she wanted to collab for the Antinatural set from Lootbox. We already had the items and whatnot on, so why not! I didn't like how it looked when I took the shot, but when I brought it into PS and livened it up a bit, I think it looks a lot better than I originally planned. Syn set up everything since my mind was drawing blanks, but I'll credit for you regardless.

I dunno what this shot is implying. I guess that I have a sadistic side? (I say that like I don't know myself. Psh.) Originally I jokingly told her I was going to feed her one of the rats. Anyway, just a little post for fun. I believe she will be posting credits for her side as well, so check her blog too! Hope you like it.

{ credits }

Air Conditioner | anxiety %escape AC unit
Bench | anxiety %escape bench
Build | ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Meeting Point @ lootbox
Crates | anxiety %escape wooden crates
Food | anxiety %escape iesufoods
Rats | Schadenfreude Colorful Flying Lab Rat
Schadenfreude Bones Flying Lab Rat
Schadenfreude Self 2 Head Running Lab Rat
Schadenfreude Patterned 2 Head Eating Lab Rat
Sign | anxiety %escape house sign
Spills | +Half-Deer+ Spilled Liquid - Small Puddle -  Water Set

Bloody Nose | -SU!- Nosebleed +CATWA APPLIER+
Eyes | -SU!- Dexiem Eyes
Claws | ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Monsterhand PINK / MAITREYA @ lootbox
Hair | [NANI] Kiran.Hair
Shorts | Addams - Mesh Shaki Short - Maitreya
Skin | !Imabee: Apical - Hadar - CATWA Head Applier
Tattoo | .:AS:. Sisi Tattoo
Top | ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Stolen Grace RARE TOP / MAITREYA @ lootbox
Wings | ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Stolen Grace RIG WINGS / MAITREYA @ lootbox