Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy late night post. I finished watching season two of Stranger Things finally. I'm not sure if that was the end or hinting at another season.. since there are some things that were never wrapped up. 

It's nearing the end of the month already and I still have some posts to get out for Gacha Garden. Next month will be busy as well (at least, blogging wise!) since I'll be covering Vintage Fair. That should be fun! Hope you guys enjoy the look today.

{ credits } 

Build | Cherry House-Small house @ whimsical
Chair | .BASIL. Rose Alice Chair @ gacha garden
Decoration | .BASIL. Silver Table Decor gacha garden
Frames | .BASIL. Silver Hanging Frames gacha garden
Lamp | .BASIL. Silver Crystal Lamp gacha garden
Rug | .BASIL. White Rug 
gacha garden
Sconce | .BASIL. Silver Sconce 
gacha garden
Sofa | .BASIL. Alice Sofa 
gacha garden
Table | .BASIL. Silver Coffee Table 
gacha garden

Collar | Luas Antonietta Collar Pink & Beige @ gacha garden
Dress | Luas Antonietta Dress RARE gacha garden
Flowers | *N*CallaLily Bouquet pnk @ sanarae NEW
Gloves | Luas Antonietta Gloves Pink & Beige gacha garden
Hair | lock&tuft - vonne
Pose | *{( konpeitou )}* poison
Socks/Shoes | Luas Antonietta Socks & Shoes RARE 
gacha garden
Stockings | Belle Epoque { Fiorella } Stockings Applier Pink
Top | Luas Antonietta Bra Pink & Beige 
gacha garden
Veil | 
*N*CallaLily Vail pnk sanarae NEW

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