May 12, 2018

Hello my lovelies. Yesterday was my birthday but yet it was just another stressful day due to things that I couldn't have imagined were going to happen. I did get to enjoy it near the end when we went out to dinner for sushi and I spent what little I had on makeup for myself. We also bought a really cute lamp for the room once that is all finished up.

I'm doing something pretty different today in terms of what I usually do, but I love different, so I had a lot of fun. This is the gorgeous set from CUREMORE for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, along with a few other odds and ends I added in to complete the look which will be credited below. I hope you like it! I took the photo at Gaia Calling, which I believe is closing down (or is closed already).

{ credits }

Bottom | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Inkosazana Bottom RARE @ fgc NEW
Bracelets | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Bracelets @ fgc NEW
Earrings | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Ritual Jewelry / EARRINGS fgc NEW
Eyes | [89Hz] - Roxane * D [Catwa Applier]
Hair | [e] Kisa @ faMESHed
Headdress | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Ritual Headdress fgc NEW
Highlighter | Just Magnetized - Unicorn Highlighter for CATWA @ equal10 NEW
Lipstick | .ARISE. Eva Makeup / Set 2 CATWA @ tcf
Piercings | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Ritual Jewelry / NOSE PIERCINGS fgc NEW
Pose | BellePoses - Paula 5
Ribbons | CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Ngami Halo / RARE fgc NEW
Sandals | 
CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / String Sandals / RED fgc NEW
Skin | ###  [PUMEC]  - Astrid - May - CATWA
Tattoo | 
CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Ritual Paint / GOLD fgc NEW
Top | 
CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe / Inkosazana Top RARE fgc NEW