Feb 11, 2019

Hello hello~ So I just noticed I'm nearly at 300k pageviews, and wow. I'm not sure what to think. I'm just very thankful for all of you supporting me! I don't think I'll be able to do anything special for it.. but hitting that milestone is pretty amazing for me. 

It's nearing Valentine's Day and I for some reason.. have not done one yet for this month! I did do one at the end of last month so that counts, right? I'll try to squeeze one in closer to the day but I haven't been shopping in ages so I don't have anything new and up to date in terms of valentine things. Here's the last bit of Sanarae I'll be doing for you guys. Hope you like!

{ credits }

AMI:HAI / Midsummer Memories GACHA / Ultra Rare1
[Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses
NiU & Lunacat - Bella Dress [Unicorn] @ sanarae
K{<3}P - Mani Socks sanarae
K&S - // book 2//Phone 5.1 sanarae
LOTUS. Beauty Eyes 02 (Catwa)
MICHAN - Jaqualine Lashes [Catwa] @ unik NEW
:: MOMOCHUU :: CATWA skin applier - Hina - chocolate tea
Pacagaia Poses - Miyu Set {Bento Poses} (Lollipop//Miyu {2}) sanarae
smile. Momo Eyeshadow & Liner
* Stelloane Rendez-Vous bag Lara sanarae
-SU!- Pastel Hairbow Blue
.SugarBun. Mausy Hairclips
.::Supernatural::. Mina Garter
Wednesday[+] ~ Taeyeon Eyebrows