These are the events I've had the honor and privilege of blogging for. If you've never heard of them before, here's your chance to go check them out! Once an event opens, check back here for a landmark!

Events on right now:
GachaLand - sept 30th - oct 31st
SaNaRae - sept 26th - oct 18th
Girl Power - oct 8th - oct 31st
Panic of Pumpkin - oct 12th - nov 1st

Events coming soon:


Previously blogged events: 
'18 Okinawa Summer Festival (Ryukyu)
Vintage Fair 2018 (PGP)
GachaLand (Gimme Gacha)
Skin Fair 2018 (PGP)
Etoile (Chromastar)
'17 Okinawa Winter Festival (Ryukyu)
Panic of Pumpkin (Ryukyu)
Imaginarium (Gimme Gacha)
Gacha Garden (Gimme Gacha)
Gacha Guardians (Gimme Gacha)
Prismagica (Chromastar)
Souled Out
Vintage Fair 2017 (PGP)
Skin Fair 2017 (PGP)
Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms 2016 (PGP)
Geeks n' Nerds 2016
Manga Fair 2016 (Candy Events)
Vintage Fair 2016 (PGP)
Tropical Summer Fair 2016 (WeDoSL)
Black Fashion Fair 2016 (WeDoSL)
Skin Fair 2016 (PGP)
Oneword 2015, 2016
Flower Power (WeDoSL)
Christmas on 34th Street (PGP)
Winter Trend SL (WeDoSL)
Pastel Goth Fair (WeDoSL)
The Nightmare Event
Vintage & Cool Fair (WeDoSL)
Manga Fair (Candy Events)
- MIZU - ~A Rainy Story~
Alice in Sexyland (WeDoSL)
Multicultural Menu
Bloody Horror Fair (Candy Events)
Kings & Queens Fair (Candy Events)
With Love Fair (WeDoSL)
Totally Top Shelf
Black Fashion Fair 2015 (WeDoSL)