Aug 22, 2013

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not having updated the past week or so. Crazy stuff's been going on in my life that had my anxiety sky high, and I managed to turn it around thankfully. Sometimes you just need a little time to yourself to make things better, you know? I'm not sure anyone cares as to why I haven't been updating, but I figured I'd let whoever enjoys looking at my blog know anyhow~

Onto the good stuff! I went shopping with my good friend Chobii and found a ton of nice things today, the top for today's outfit was one of them.
Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Clarify

Nose Ring - Hizma

Necklace - PetitFlower Black

Top - Katy Bustier in Black

Skirt - Ruby Mini Skirt in Black

Fishnet Stockings - Fishnet Thin (full) in Black