Aug 7, 2013

Both pictures were taken at my temporary home that my (at the time) wifey had rented for us~ Isn't it gorgeous? It cost a little too much for my liking considering what it was offering, and I had a fall out with her since, due to her clingy nature, so we didn't keep it. I doubt you guys knew, but I am not one to be attached to other people despite them getting attached to me fairly quickly. Sometimes it makes me come off as harsh or cruel, but I have major trust issues, and a lot of people like to abuse me until I finally turn around and tell them I can't stand them anymore. It's very hard, but in the end it's better for my health, and that's what's really important here. It makes it very hard for me to make new friends because of this.. not only that, but their true nature ends up showing in the end. So anyway.. onto the goodies!
Outfit Goodies:
Hair - Kumi Mesh Hair in Night Shadow 

Skin - Chloe in Zissus NT/Bust/Black

Mesh Hands/Nails - Hands for Zissus/White French Tips

Collar - Bound Collar in Black

Eyelash Makeup - Feathery Black Lashes

Eyeliner Makeup - Sharp Black Eyeliner

Top - Shorty Top with Black Bra

Dress - High Waist Suspender Jumper Dress in Black

Boots - Leather Pony Thighboots