Nov 4, 2013

Hey all! First blog post of the month.. hoping to do more of them from now on! Today I'm bringing you some cute little goodies from Witches and Rats! I was totally going to wear her piercings with this, too.. then I forgot and ended up snapping pics anyway! Whoops, guess I'll save that for another time. So I'm currently visiting someone and I will be moving out this way.. which is Massachusetts! It's gonna be a decently big and possibly stressful move, but I'll still have plenty of time to blog and whatnot. This post was taken at her friend's place! She has a really cute backdrop so I decided to try it out.. Was I successful? Anyway! Onto the goodies..

Outfit Goodies:
Eyes - Luminate in Deep Blue

Prim Teeth - Human Teeth in Sexy

Top - Heart Me Mini Shirt

Skirt - Pleated Skirt

Bow Ring - Bow Ring 07 **gacha**
Witches & Rats

Socks - Nylon Socks in Black