Nov 3, 2014

Good afternoon, and happy November! It's gotten super cold during the nights, but it's still somehow in the 50s during the day. Thankfully it seems like we won't be seeing any snow yet -crosses fingers-. I hope it stays that way! Mild winters ftw. 

Are you excited for the Xiasumi School Festival event everyone's been talking about? You should be, there's lots of awesome goodies there! I'll have a few to show you in the next few upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned! And as always, keep reading to get to the credits. <3

Outfit of the Day:
{ Accessories }
Bunny Scarf :: Sweet Thing. Grumpy Bunny Scarf - Black (w/ Bow) {Sad November} / NEW RELEASE
Cat Headband :: ALTAIR* nekomimi maid .pink. {Xiasumi School Festival} / NEW RELEASE
Clutch :: 2PM. Chu mini purse / peach ribbon
Collar :: .:Buttery Toast:. The Rule of cute - Choker - Pink
Cuffs :: .:Buttery Toast:. The Rule of cute - Cuffs - Pink
Earrings :: -Buttery Toast- Music to my ears - Pink
Ring :: {PixelGeek} Donut ring - Pink

{ Background / Pose }
Armoire :: *ionic* El placard rosa
Chairs/Table :: *ionic* secrets time!
Ladder/Tree Deco :: {what next} Falling Wall Decor
Pose: -TSH- Shrug Static Pose (Free Gift)
Screen :: {what next} Vintage Screen ~ Group Gift

{ Clothing }
 Dress :: *GF* [Mesh] 2014 Halloween Witch Dress -pink-

{ Miscellaneous }
Brows :: [Buzz] Yoona Eyebrows - Black
Eyes :: {S0NG} :: Miko~ Pink Eye {kustom9}
Hair :: +Spellbound+ Gwendalynn // Monochromes
Shoes :: .tsg. Jellybean Wedgies - Pink [SLINK Mid]