Monday, February 9, 2015
Hello lovelies! I've been.. super ontop of my game since I've moved. I think I'm just a little TOO motivated to be honest. I might need to slow that down a tad before I wear myself out.. Today I've got a lovely new set coming out called Atlantian Goddess by the lovely yumyums creator for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! As soon as it's open I'll provide a link for you guys. I wanted to do a beach scene for this because I thought it would be somewhat fitting. The name reminded me of this lovely song by Boa, so I've shared that with you all as well. I hope you enjoy!


Arm/Wristbands :: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess {Silver} Armbands @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival / COMING SOON
Bra :: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess {Heart} Bra @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival / COMING SOON
Eyeshadow :: {Wicked} Peach - Pixie Dust Eye Makeup 3 @ The Fantasy Room / NEW
Face Tattoo :: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess Face Tattoo {Heart} @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival / COMING SOON
Hair :: .Olive. the Snow Princess Hair - Morning Coffee
Lips :: Pink Acid Dry Slick Lip Balm Pt.2 - Baby Pink
Nails :: {Wicked} Peach - Mani/Pedi - Sparkling Wine - SLINK @ L'accessoires / NEW
Panties :: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess {Silver&Heart} Panties @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival / COMING SOON

Pose :: (marukin) LIGHT for c88 june 2014
Skirt :: .{yumyums}. Atlantian Goddess {Heart} Bra @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival / COMING SOON

Image taken at Baja Norte.