Jul 8, 2015

Helloo sunshines! I hope your week so far has been okay. I've been very clumsy and managed to slice open my thumb yesterday while trying to open a can of delicious mackerels. Those damn edges are super sharp, probably enough so to cut vegetables. (2edgy4me) Thankfully I tended to it not even a moment after, and it's healing well. I didn't want to post yesterday though because of that! I could hardly move said thumb in the bandaid. -laughs- 

I've got some goodies from Oneword and Candy Fair to share! I finally got the chance to go to Candy Fair, and to my surprise, I was pretty disappointed. Not only was it a LOT smaller than I remember last year but more importantly, there was nothing that really stood out and made me all that interested; not even the gacha. I didn't make any purchases at all. It's okay though, everyone is different, so you all might find lots of things you enjoy. I do hope that's the case! I am not wearing wings this time by the way, I created the illusion of having wings by standing infront of bauwerk's gorgeous Elysium Chair.

{ credits }

Bracelet :: .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow
Drapes :: [Brixley] sky curtains {Oneword}
Dress :: ALTAIR* candy princess dress .candy rose. {Candy Fair}
Eye Makeup :: .ARISE. Angel Facepaint / White {Oneword}
Eyes :: [UMEBOSHI] Glimmer eyes -Siren- {TSS} / OPENS JULY 10TH
Garter :: B.C.C LoveHoney Nurse Garter Blush
Hair/Deco :: [LCKY] / Sweet Thing. Thanako/Decora
Hoop Earrings :: *BOOM* Umaasa Earrings tiffany
Icecream :: //elephante poses// Candy Dandy Ice Cream *Rainbow Lolli* RARE {Candy Fair}
Nails :: Bella Elephante - Angel *Slink* Nails {Oneword}
Necklace :: Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Charmed Necklace (Candy)
Pink Narwhal :: Sweet Thing. Strawberry NomNom Narwhal {Candy Fair}
Purse :: .tsg. Gigi Bag - Princess RARE
Shoes :: Sweet Thing. Sweet Doll Heels
Sideboard :: [Brixley] white sideboard {Oneword}
Teeth :: [UMEBOSHI] Teeth V1 {TSS} / OPENS JULY 10TH
Wing Chalkboard :: [Brixley] wings chalkboard {Oneword}
Winged Chair :: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Elysium Chair {Oneword}
Yellow Narwhal :: Sweet Thing. Berry Cone NomNom Narwhal RARE {Candy Fair}