Sep 25, 2015

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Nyaa~ I love dressing up as a kitten/cat in my blog posts but I don't really do it that much, so I thought I would today! Although it's more magical girl this time. I kind of went full out with it I think, and believe it or not it was for the adorable garters Altair just came out with. Sometimes the smallest thing can create a hit for inspiration! Hope you enjoy the look for today!

{ credits }

Blue Eye :: Chus! Poppet Lens in Ice
Collar :: Sweet Thing. Naughty Pink Kitten Collar
Ears :: Sweet Thing. Cutie Kitten Ears
Eyeliner :: < nova > Sagan. Liner { oo8 }
Garter :: ALTAIR* magica garter {sanarae} . OPENS TOMORROW!
Hair :: *PH* 8065
Hair Bow :: ALTAIR* mahou shoujo bow
Halo :: Sweet Thing. Starcluster Angelic Halo (RARE)
Lips :: (*ANGELICA) LACQUER ROUGE #sakura (lt)
Necklace :: ALTAIR* daydream necklace .pink.
Panties :: ALTAIR* neko pantsu .candy.
Pose :: (*ANGELICA) UHUNG (for mesh hands)
Purple Eye :: Chus! Poppet Lens in Lilac
Tail :: Sweet Thing. Fluffy Sweet Kitten Tail
Tears :: ALTAIR* loony's delicious tears
Teeth :: Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Top :: ALTAIR* crop shirts .pink.