Dec 6, 2015

 「the crystal fawn」
It was 50 degrees today! And it's supposed to be in the 60s next week. It's so hard to get into the winter spirit when the weather is staying warmer. I can't honestly complain though, I love me some decent weather. 

I hope you guys like the blue/white contrast photos because I'm having a blast with them and they go so well with winter. More Winter Trend goodies are headed your way including this skin, so keep reading! Christmas on 34th Street is also starting up soon, so expect tons of goodies from me for that as well. :D The Arcade opened on the 1st, but I'm a bit busy at the moment with these events, so hopefully I'll be able to stick something more in for you!

{ credits }

Antler Headdress || *Cila*Dear Deer Hair Accessories  Candy Silver {we <3 rp} . new~
Blush || Izzie's - Winter Blush (light) {winter trend} . new (&free)~
Crystal Fawn || E. Crystal Fawn (Snow) ULTRARARE {winter trend} . new~
Dress || {ViSion} -S&F *Dress Vivi [Maitreya] {winter trend} . new~
Eyes || (*ANGELICA) QUEENS EYES #grey {we <3 rp} . new~
Eyeshadow || < nova > Jaclyn Eyeshadow { oo3 } {winter trend} . new~
Gloves || *katat0nik* Slink Bear Gloves
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kiwi hair {we <3 rp} . new~
Lips || + Gyaru Lip Tattoo + {aii} [tinted]
Nails || [M] Candycane Claws // Frostmint [SlinkElegant1] {winter trend} . new~
Pose || //elephante poses// - Beautiful World #2
Scarf || Sweet Thing. Grumpy Bunny Scarf - Snow (w/ Bow)
Shoes || [Renegade] Wintertrend 2015 // Kiki (Slink High) {winter trend} . new~
Skin || alterego I mila chilled skin {winter trend} . new~
Stockings || AVICANDY Winter Knit Tights {winter trend} . new~
White Fawn || E. Fawn (Snow) RARE {winter trend} . new~