Jan 27, 2016

 「something's out there..」
Erm.. so.. I've been pretty much nonstop playing BnS the past couple of days now that I'm not getting disconnected every few minutes and that sucked me in. Sorry, I haven't forgotten about you. <3

Originally I was going to do something different with this, and also have guns (wow GUNS? I kind of modeled myself after a badass character from the Resident Evil series >_>;), but unfortunately I couldn't do what I was hoping right now and I didn't already have something up to standard in order to make that happen. Instead I ended up with an RPG element. I guess that's just as good in this case, huh? Onto the goods!

{ credits }

Arm Bands || . Quirky . - ME!ME!ME! Arm Cuffs- Black
Dress || -SU!- Marceau Dress
Eyes || -SU!- Aileen Eyes
Eyeshadow || < nova > Elise {oo1}
Hair || [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kazuki hair {men only monthly}
Necklace || [NOIR] Eternal Rest_Necklace
Pose || (marukin) [fable] love again
Shoes || {Livalle} Validation -Platform Wedges- Cherry
Socks || -SU!- Garter Socks Nylon BLACK
Swords || ZS5_Thorn_Maiden_