Feb 10, 2016

 「morning rose」
I've been having some issues with the laptop and it caused me to have quite a scare this time. Somehow things fixed themselves which is great, but now I'm cautious and worried it'll do it again. Anyhow! Flower Power is just around the corner and I was almost late because of that issue but I managed to get a post out in time! A LM will be provided when I post again (since it'll likely be open at that point)! Enjoy your day!

{ credits }

Collar Piece | SinfulSky - Rosalin Neckpiece - White {flower power} . starts feb 12th!
Dress | [ SAKIDE ] Lidae Dress {flower power} . starts feb 12th!
Dress Straps | *Cila*Faey Flower shoulder 03
Eyeliner | Veechi - Glitter Liners [Rose]
Eyes | -SU!- Nina Eyes
Garters/Stockings | . Quirky . Adorabow Garter/Stockings - Blush
Hair | TRUTH HAIR Kizzy [pastels] {group gift}
Hair Piece | ASO!Shizuku (clear rose)
Headband | Sinful Sky - Spiky Roses - White {flower power} . starts feb 12th!
Heels | Essenz - Stuttgart (Slink)
Lips | Essences - Rose Lipstick 04
Petals | E.V.E Dancing Petals Dystopia in Pink {flower power} . starts feb 12th!
Pose | {-LaRose-} Magdalena Day V.1 {flower power} . starts feb 12th!
Rose Vines | +Half-Deer+ Climbing Rose Vine (Pale) -v2
Sofa | -tb- Charmant Settee - Vintage Rose