Mar 27, 2016

Hey! Happy easter to you all! I didn't do anything special today, so I sat down and decided to do a blog post. I did a lot more this month than I originally thought, and it's still not the end of March, though it is approaching very quickly. I got in a chocolatey mood (I guess since I can't eat it, I'll wear it instead?) and basically just kept adding more and more to the photo until I was pleased. Anyhow, I've got some last minute things from Oneword, a gift from Suicidal Unborn, and new shoes from Hope you enjoy, and have a great easter~

{ credits }

Donuts | [Black Bantam] Mini Chocolate Glazed Donut Stand
Cake | -tb- Pastry Mania - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Sticks | erratic / home - hot chocolate sticks RARE
Icecream Accessories | 8f8 - 13. Ice Cream Accessories Set
Icecream Cart | {what next) Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart  & Decor - Red  (V2)
Icecream Cup | 8f8 - 9. Chocolate Cookie Dough in a Cup
Icecream Set | 8f8 - 17. IceDreams Pink Ice Cream Display
Picnic Table | [Black Bantam] Indie Picnic Table RARE
Sprinkle Set | 8f8 - 14. Ice Cream Delicious Toppings

Cat Hair Clip 1 | ALTAIR* nyan hairclips .nougat. NT {sanarae} . new~
Cat Hair Clip 2 | ALTAIR* nyan hairclips .brown tabby. NT {sanarae} . new~
Chocolate Bracelet | -Nomi-Dessert Lolita-Milk Chocolate Bracelet
Chocolate Mouthie | {Amai} Kumaface. - Milk Chocolate
Cookie Ring | (Yummy) Chocolate Chip Cookie Ring
Donut Bracelet | {PixelGeek} Donut bracelet - Chocolate
Dress | `M.BIRDIE / 2015Last winter Gift
Earrings | Sweet Thing. Cherry Chocolate Earrings
Eyeshadow | {Dead Apples} 3Dimensional Chocolate
Hair | *PH* 8116 {oneword}
Head Wings | *Epic* Sweet.Angel Wings! {Chocolate}
Nails | {Wicked} Peach - Ice Cream Nails
Piercing | -SU!- Medusa Piercing . VIP gift~
Pose | [Black Tulip] The Magician #1 {oneword}
Purse | Pink Acid Sweet Bunny Coin Shoulder Purse - Chocolate <3
Shoes | - Lexi.Booties (Cocoa) - Maitreya {uber} . new~
Star Freckles | [miu] Star.Freckles {oneword}
Whipped Ring | Pink Acid Whippy Cream Ring - Fudge <3