Apr 15, 2016

 「open the gates」
Good afternoon! I'm starting to get back into the blogging game I think. I found this beautiful place to take a picture and realized I stopped linking where I'm taking my photos (definitely not on purpose). I think I should start doing that again so you can all come here and take some yourself if you were ever wondering where I go! I felt like doing a cutesy pink post today since I apparently haven't done too many of those lately. Shocking, right?

New goodies from Pink Acid, Vincue, Sweet Thing and mignon in today's look! Enjoy~

{ credits }

Belt/Collar | Sweet Thing. Lynx Straps - Purity (Maitreya Beta) {ROMP} . new~
Flats | mignon. -melody chan pom-pom flat. (Maitreya) {the seasons story} . new~
Garter | Quirky - Muse Garter - Maitreya - L - RARE 2 {the epiphany} . new~
Hair | [LCKY] Mary
Headband | Pink Acid Daisies In Spring Headband - Light Pink {the epiphany} . new~
Heart Sticker | Quirky - Nostalgic Stickers - Heart
Nails | alaskametro<3 "Garden" nail polish - Wild Rose {on9}
Pose | HelaMiyo_Runway_03
Shorts | { V I N C U E } Dolphy+Shorts - Candy [MaitBeta] {kustom9} . new~
Star Sticker | Quirky - Nostalgic Stickers - Star
Stockings | Quirky - Happy Birthday Stocking - White - Omega Appl.
Top | { V I N C U E } Dolphy+Top - Candy [MaitBeta] {kustom9} . new~