May 26, 2016

 「secret retreat」
Good evening~ I'm fighting through some laptop (and rl) issues atm so I'm not sure how consistent my posting will be after this! I'm just thankful I'm not bluescreening all over the place at the moment. Watch me jinx myself again.. In the meantime, have an early preview for the Arcade! Also some goodies for Sanarae and Uber. Hope you enjoy.

{ credits }

Bird Cage | [Black Bantam] Golden Bird Cage REWARD {the arcade} . starts june 1st!
Chairs | [Black Bantam] Springtime Pumpkin Ivy Garden Chair White {the arcade} . starts june 1st!
Flower Basket | 
[Black Bantam] Broken Wooden Garden Flower Basket Assorted {the arcade} . starts june 1st!
Gate | [Black Bantam] Invisible Secret Garden Gate {the arcade} . starts june 1st!
Poodle | [Black Bantam] Standard Standing Female Poodle Black RARE {the arcade} . starts june 1st!
Watering Can | [Black Bantam] Ivy Covered Watering Can {the arcade} . starts june 1st!

Collar | *Cila* Love me not collar Dark {sanarae
Dress | Sweet Thing. Cleo Dress
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) JIA EYES #grey
Hair | MOON // Hair // She Waits
Headwings | Sweet Thing. Demon Mini Wings
Sandals | - Olivia.Sandals (Coal) {uber} . new~
Undereye Bags | !Oleander! ~ Vampy Dark Circles.