Aug 17, 2016

 ►it's over 9000◄
Hello hello~ What's over 9000, exactly? Well my cuteness meter obviously. Jokes. I went and spent a bunch of my lindens again.. (Shame on me, what am I doing?) but for some reason I couldn't resist, whereas normally, even with more lindens than usual, I'm pretty stingy. Maybe I just felt like being a shopaholic for once. Do you ever feel guilty when you go to spend your lindens? I have no idea what goes on in my brain with that. I think I feel guilty spending my money in general, now that I think about it..

Let's go back to the 90s for a minute! Haha. I'm not really sure I look like I'm from the 90s (I was born in 1990) but it made me nostalgic in the least. Kawaii Project's theme for this round was the 90s, which surprised me. Overall I'd say they did a good job. I've also got some decor items for Whimsical. Hope you enjoy the look!

{ credits }

Carriage Bed | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-9.Carriage bed-RARE {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Chair | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-6.Bar stool-pink {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Dressing Table | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-1.Dresser {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Food Set | poche natsuno tsumetai mono
Glitter | Schadenfreude Freed Glowing Stars {collabor88}
Makeup Set | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-8.Makeup small mirror {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Stool | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-2.Dressing stool-pink {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Tray | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-4.Bottle tray {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!
Vase | Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Young girl's home-7.vase {whimsical} . opens tomorrow!

Choker | Quirky - Stretch Choker {kawaii project} . new!
Drink | sue cream. sunny water bottle B1 {bon voyage}
Hair | [LCKY] Diamond {kawaii project} . new!
Mesh Lip | .tsg. Rei Mesh Lips Vampy Tone Gap
Nails | Moon Amore- Sweet Nails - Gesture Slink
Platforms | Momento. zipper platform heels maitreya Light pink {kustom9}
Scouter | Sweet Thing. Power Scouter Toy - Cutie {kustom9} . new!
Skin | .tsg. Tiana-Peach :: Vampy :: Soft Body {the chapter four}
Stockings | Schadenfreude Pinkstar Stars Star Stockings {kawaii project}
Sweater | Sorbet. Slouchy Sweater [Rainbow] MAITREYA {kawaii project} . new!