Aug 26, 2016

Happy Friday! This week was pretty okay, I think. Anytime I get to go and grab some of this amazing matcha green tea from the store, it pretty much makes my entire week too, so that could be it.. I'm a sucker for tea, but more importantly; matcha tea! One of my favorite drinks of all time, to be honest. Instant mood picker-upper. I also have some extra money to play with this week, and I think we're going to head to the anime store tomorrow! Visiting there also picks up my mood, though I wish it were closer to home!

I get to kick back and relax today, and I decided to do that in this new stuff from mignon and Care to join? -scoots over to leave room in her bed- I also found a pretty tattoo for Fifty Linden Fridays this week. Normally I don't blog FLF releases in time to make the items seem worth while, so I guess it's a rare treat for you guys. Hope you enjoy the look~

{ credits }

Cat Bed | ALTAIR* cat bed .black.
Eyes | (*ANGELICA) CATS EYES #blue
Garter | [1]mignon. -Siamese. garter [Maitreya] ULTRARARE {sanarae} . new!
Hair | [DUE] Lonely {collabor88}
Headband | [1]mignon. -Siamese. nekomimi [Maitreya] ULTRARARE {sanarae} . new!
Heels | - Anya.Heels (Blush) {uber} . new!
Neck Ribbon | *BOOM* Lala Neck Bow
Outfit | [1]mignon. -Siamese. outfit&arm [Maitreya] ULTRARARE {sanarae} . new!
Socks | - Susy.Socks (Maitreya) (Coal) {shiny shabby} . new!
Tattoo | ~silentsparrow~ Alchyme Tattoos {for FLF}