Sep 25, 2016

Heya~ It's freezing tonight. Not really looking forward to the 20 degree drop haha. It's still what a lot of people would consider to be "warm" but for me, anything below 70 makes me need a sweatshirt. I'm even wearing one right now in the house. I got up at my usual time today but my body decided that it was still tired, and so I went right back to bed shortly after. ..And ended up waking up at almost 5 o'clock. Whoops.

I figured I'd go through my inventory and find some stuff I haven't worn yet but bought within the month. I didn't mean to go for something dark but hey, it happens once in a while. I guess my "original" roots are showing. And I'm doing something useful by looking for stuff in my inventory instead of buying stuff for a look! Although it doesn't prevent me from going and buying more things, obviously. Anywho! I have new goods from Quirky (I'm glad Glitch has come back!) coming soon and a shiny new tattoo from ISUKA as well. Hope you guys enjoy!

{ credits }

Claws | [CX] Hayop Maitreya Female Size 10 (Black)
Couch | dust bunny . darling sectional cushion . black . c .
Dress | Violent Seduction - Lucine Dress - Black (LARA)
Eyes | CURELESS [+] Yuurei Eyes / MOURN
Hair | [e] Lalee
Heels | REIGN.- Platform Heels (Maitreya-High)
Horns | Quirky - Quadricorn Horns {memento mori} . starts oct 1st!
Lips | {aii} + Geisha's Kiss Black +
Makeup | Quirky - Quadricorn Makeup - FULL {memento mori} . starts oct 1st!
Pose | Bounce This Poses - Sitting 5
Stone Tower | SPELL : Stones from other galaxies
Tattoo | ISUKA Sombra - normal 
{ELITE} . new!
Witchcraft Deco | Soy. Essentials of Witchcraft