Oct 4, 2016

Hey guys! Ever had an experience at a sim when you're just chilling and taking a picture.. when all the sudden these entitled people try to start something with you because you're in the spot they want to use? (Despite the fact that there were several areas on the sim to do whatever they were hoping to do) Or rather just start talking crap about you on mic like you can't hear them? No? Just me? #bloggerproblems A lot of the time I hesitate to go outside of the platform I stay on to take photos, and when I finally do things like that seem to happen. It kind of ruined the experience for me, but I'm sure that normally it's a really neat place to stay at. I'll try to limit the places I take photos at unless there's no one there. I won't let a couple bad apples ruin the entire thing, but I really shook my head at this incident.

Yesterday I went to help my aunt get her things out of storage! She got a lot done (even though there's still quite a bit of stuff and I'm also going to the old apartment on Thursday to get more of the stuff out), and we got to take some things home in the process, so that was fun. Today is therapy day and then back to helping with the stuff! Busy busy, I am.

Just a few new goods today! Hair from Ayashi, necklace from Imeka, boots from mignon, eyes from ARISE, and a really cute top from Sweet Thing! Hope you enjoy. Photo taken at Gale Storm Retreat.

{ credits }

Boots | [3]mignon. -side goa platform boots [Maitreya] RARE {moon festival} . new!
Eyes | .ARISE. Reem Eyes / Black {memento mori} . new!
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Airi hair {gacha guardians} . new!
Mouthie | Tamagosenbei Omikuji {the nightmare event} . hunt gift!
Nails | DP - Koffin Nails - Triskaidekaphobia 13 {the nightmare event} . hunt gift!
Necklace | {Imeka} Eyeball Bat Necklace {salem} . new!
Parasol | *::.who what.::* -Halloween parasol- 9.Mrs. Dracula {panic of pumpkin}
Pose | (marukin) [light] after the rain
Ring Chain | M+m : Ribbon ring
Shorts | Ninety-Cross Black Short
Sweater | Sweet Thing. Thanko Sweater - Black Cat (Maitreya) 
{salem} . new!
Tattoo | Red or Black Tattoo GIFT (Faded) 
{the nightmare event} . hunt gift!