Nov 22, 2016

Yeah, so winter was like "Screw you" and came all in one day. Shortly after a decently warm day. How nice, huh. Whether I was ready for it or not (yeah, like I ever am and I've lived in NY my whole life), it decided to show its face. And it is not a face I enjoy. I shoveled out the front walkway so that the mailman could get to our box through 2 1/2 feet of snow that accumulated over a single night,  which ate half of my body, just for him to never show up! And he didn't today, either. You can bet I won't be shoveling again. >_> Too much effort and being outside = instant exhaustion. Plus putting on 3 layers of clothing just to stay even a little warm.. I definitely didn't miss this weather.. and it's not even under 30 degrees Fahrenheit. -turns into an icicle-

I will admit that it is pretty in photos, but that's about it. Kind of like the pic for today, even if it isn't a real life photo. Hide & Seek has a really lovely looking winter sim that you can visit if you're feeling the cold weather. I know I'm not!

{ credits }

Boots | - Connie.Boots (Fawn)
Eyes | .ARISE. Freya Eyes / Gold {lost & found} . new!
Hair | [NANI] Holly.Hair {tannenbaum} . opens 11/25!
Leggings | Sweet Thing. Knit Leggings - Purity+Pink {tannenbaum} . opens 11/25!
Pose | {Imeka}Neva-Pose 4
Ribbon | *BOOM* Lala Neck Bow
Sweater | [1]mignon. -act cute! [Maitreya] RARE {kawaii project} . new!