Dec 8, 2016

So.. I planned to have the post done sooner, terribly sorry that now it's just RIGHT BEFORE the opening. That was totally my bad, and I'll try to be better about the rest of the posts throughout the event. Incase you didn't see the event I was talking about in my previous post, it would be the Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms. It opens tomorrow! It only lasts a little over a week though, which made me sad because after going through everything there are a lot of pretty goods and I'm terrible at covering things quickly right now. It lasts from the 9th to the 19th incase you need specific dates. Don't use the landmark til then! I have a headache so I need some down time, but I hope you enjoy. <3 Photo taken at Ironwood Hills.

{ credits } 

Face Tattoo | #adored - jack frost blush - lite skin {winter solstice} . opens tomorrow!
Hair | *TKW* Bok {winter solstice} . opens tomorrow!
Headpiece | *N*OROKITAS - komochi renge- WHITE A {on9} . new!
Heels | #EMPIRE - Clover - Maitreya
Outfit | [ SAKIDE ] Snow Fairy Outfit White {winter solstice} . opens tomorrow!
Pose | {NANTRA} Charmed, I'm Sure 1M {winter solstice} . opens tomorrow!
Tattoo | -Endless Pain Tattoos- Snow White- Maitreya Applier 
{winter solstice} . opens tomorrow!