Dec 21, 2016

Good morning! Or late night, or whatever it happens to be in your timezone. I did a relaxation post today, and had a lot of fun doing it. I love doing them especially when I don't have too much to blog (which is usually just after blogging a ton of things in a row). Christmas is now only 4 days away! Do you get all your shopping done early, or do you usually procrastinate and end up rushing to get them at the last minute?

I've got some gifts and Arcade goodies to share, among other things. Hope you guys enjoy!

{ credits }

Bags | 16 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Paper bag (big) {the arcade}
Bench | tarte. ivory bed bench 
{the arcade}
Build | dust bunny . flutter skybox
Candies | 8 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Candy display {the arcade}
Candles | 9 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Candles {the arcade}
Chair | 20 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Chair (White) {the arcade}
Chest | 15 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE- Wood Chest {the arcade}
Globe | Winter Dreams Globe - Happy Holidays - From O.M.E.N . gift!
Leaning Door | {vespertine}- my quirky corner / leaning door - 2 {the arcade}
Photos | The Secret Store - Blue Frames {the arcade}
Pink Pudding Cups | 27 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Strawberry pudding {the arcade}
Pudding Cups | 26 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Custard pudding {the arcade}
Reindeer Deco | 11 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Reindeers (A) {the arcade}
Roses | Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink)
Rug | The Secret Store - Folk Carpet {the arcade}
Table | Kalopsia - Square/Triangles Table - Open {the chapter four} . gift!
Trashcan | Soy. CSC - Full of Trash box {the arcade}
Tree | Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree - Spruce Green {shiny shabby}
Wall Shelf | The Secret Store - Folk Shelf - Red {the arcade}
Wrapped Gifts | dust bunny . present pile
Wrapping Deco | 5 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Wrapping paper shelf {the arcade}

Claws | [CX] Ice Nails ( Slink Elegant )
Glasses | *N*Aquarium Glass - BLK #3 {sanarae} . new!
Hair | TRUTH HAIR Irenka . vip group gift!
Headband | pr!tty - Christmas Kitty - {Lights} [Black] {the chapter four} . gift!
Jeans | Blueberry - Pizza Jeans - BlueberryBooty - Maitreya
Pose | Kirin - Aya Pose 5
Puppy | [Black Bantam] Holdable Santa Baby Corgi Tan RARE {kustom9}
Scarf | ::C'est la vie !:: Til muffler
Top | Blueberry - Elisa - Henley Tops - Maitreya