Feb 24, 2017

Hey guys! For some reason I'm not sleeping well again and it's kind of getting on my nerves.. I guess in general, it probably is because of my nerves? Ironic. Anyhow! I have some new arcade goodies coming soon! I know I'm a bit early, but there's a lot to share and I don't want to fall behind schedule! This is just a part of the set from Cureless and Sweet Thing! And also some cute shoes from friday for kustom9. I did intentionally make this a "doll" look. Hope you like! I already had my place decorated with these items, but I gave you the credits anyway since the last time I didn't credit stuff (even though it was my friend's set up) I had people IM me asking what things were!

{ credits }

Build | [[RH]] Nihonkaoku (Mesh)
Green Teas Set | 11 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA- Ryoku Cya- (green teas) creators collection box
Kiseru Set | [[RH]]  -Kuruwa- Kiseru set (Red)
Laundry | [[RH]] Laundry
Makeup Set | [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Make-up set (Red)
Okobo | *Tentacio & Blackjack* Noodle bar. Okobos
Onigiri | 10 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -ONIGIRI- (rice ball) @ creators collection box
Paper Instrument | =Zenith=shanzi
Pillows | 7, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- CUSHION
Uchiwa | 14. [[RH]] Uchiwa Display (Fan)
Wall Scroll | [[RH]] Kakejiku (Hiiragi)

Collar | Sweet Thing. Clockwork Doll Collar (Maitreya)
@ the arcade 3/1
Dress | CURELESS [+] Red Queen's Realm / Curious Alice Dress / RARE @ the arcade 3/1
Ears | CURELESS [+] Red Queen's Realm / Cheshire' Ears / PINK @ the arcade 3/1
Flats | friday - Elsie Janes (Blush) - Maitreya @ kustom9 [tinted]
Hair | Lamb. Without Me
Keys | CURELESS [+] Red Queen's Realm / Curious Alice Keys  / RARE @ the arcade 3/1
Socks | friday - Susy.Socks Applier (Coal)