Friday, March 24, 2017

Heya cutie patooties. I had no idea that the Lootbox event was a thing until I somehow stumbled on it while seeing someone wearing this gorgeous kimono piece. So I ended up going there.. playing a few things, and managed to get the Lootbox rares for all the ones I played! That luck, huh? I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it once it was mine, and so, this post was born! Hope you guys like it and enjoy your weekend. I took this photo at Petou, Everheart.

{ credits }

Antlers | *Tentacio* Kitsune antlers @ lootbox
Ears | *Tentacio* Kitsune ears white @ lootbox
Eyes | CURELESS [+] Cat Eye Syndrome
Geta | + Shii Geta Maitreya + {aii} @ kawaii project
Hair | [monso] My Hair - Ruda /Black&White @ collabor88
Kimono/Tail | TFCGachaLootBox . Kitsune RARE @ lootbox
Lantern | Luas Sayuri Lantern RARE @ lootbox
Mask | *Tentacio* Kitsune mask @ lootbox
Pose | Kirin - Chika Pose 4 @ kustom9