Apr 25, 2017

Hello my lovelies! So I spent a lot of time on this post today (mostly the decorating.. I always tend to get carried away, because decorating is my favorite part in most of my blog posts, honestly) and I have a lot of extra photos to show you because there's a lot of decor (and a close up shot..well, closer..er?), so make sure you click on these links to see more of it (that you can't see in this shot, obviously)! I attempted to upload them with imgur, but it did not save the photo quality, so instead you get gyazo links. Sorry about that. Hope you guys enjoy it! I know I'm doing a lot of pink posts.. hopefully that's not a problem. xP (On a side note; I do not have a senpai, I am one~ ;D)

The real reason I made this post was the super cute new Pink Acid skin that I'm so happy to see, because I really missed Stasey's skins! It is a lot darker than the skins I normally wear, but who am I to judge based on skin tone? It's gorgeous regardless, and doing something different once in a great while is always a lot of fun! I'm also using some new poses and makeup that you can grab in the credits. Last but not least, there's a BUTT LOAD of credits today.. so if I forgot something, please feel free to message me and ask what it is! And I'll add it to the post as well. Hopefully I got everything though. Enjoy!

{ credits }

Bath Bombs Set | Ariskea[Angel] Bath Bomb
Bed | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Ombre Post Bed @ the epiphany
Blue Figurine | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Figurine [Blue] the epiphany
Build | Birdy - Spring - Petite Cottage RARE
Cart | dust bunny . happy hour tray
Closet | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Closet 
the epiphany
Cosplay Mannequin | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Mannequin [P] - RARE the epiphany
Donut | +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence - Strawberry Cream 
the epiphany
Donut Stack | +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence - Tower - Berry Ombre the epiphany
Donut Stand | 
{BunBun} Sweet Cafe - Donut Stand A the epiphany
Flower Perfume Bottle | -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Perfume
Green Figurine | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Figurine [Green] 
the epiphany
Hair Products | -tres blah- Jolie - Hair Products
Hair Set | *Tentacio* Hair ritual gacha. Nice hair
Foundation Set | Ariskea[Angel] Foundation Cream
Kawaii Sign | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Kawaii Sign [Pink] the epiphany
Lipstick Set | little bones. Lipstick Stand
Macaron Box | {BunBun} Sweet Cafe - Macaron Box A 
the epiphany
Makeup Bag | Tres Blah - Slumber Party - Makeup Bag
Makeup Brushes | Ariskea[Angel] Brush set vase
Makeup Clutter | -tres blah- Jolie - Makeup Clutter
Makeup Palette | Ariskea[Angel] Makeup Palette
Makeup Set | -tb- Vanity - Makeup Bag RARE
Manga | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Manga Stack the epiphany
Milk/Cake | {BunBun} Sweet Cafe - Milk & Cake A the epiphany
Mirror | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Long Mirror the epiphany
Nail Set | Tres Blah - Slumber Party - Nail Polish Clutter
Nailpolish Bottles | 6. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Nail Color (solid)
Nailpolish Set | Tres Blah - Slumber Party - Nail Polish Collection
Oil Diffuser Box | MishMish - Ceramic Friend Oil Diffuser - Box Decor
Powder Set | -tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Pamper
Reed Diffuser | MishMish - Ceramic Friend Reed Diffuser
Rose Mug | Tres Blah - Slumber Party - Mug of Roses REWARD
Rug | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Circle Rug 
the epiphany
Shelf Dresser | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Shelf Dresser the epiphany
Skincare Set | 8. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Base Make Up
Table | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Table the epiphany
Tea Set | {BunBun} Sweet Cafe - Tea Set RARE 
the epiphany
Tool Shelf | .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff - Pink Tool Shelf the epiphany
Tray | MudHoney TV Tray - White
Wall Shelves | .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Shelf v1&v2 - RARE 
the epiphany

Ahoge | [Nekotron] Ahoge 4
Arm Wraps | Sweet Thing. Ballet Arm Wraps - Petal (Maitreya)
Bra | 
Sweet Thing. Ballerina Bra - Petal (Maitreya)
Brows | .ARISE. Miki Brows / Black
 @ shiny shabby
Collar | .tsg. Rose Collar - Pink (Sheer) cutie loot exclusive (april)
Corset | Sweet Thing. Little Ballerina Corset - Petal (Maitreya)
Drink | {Imeka} Cutie  water bottle {1} @ kawaii project
Ears | 04)*N*Bunny(usagi) EAR @ fantasy faire NEW
Eye/Face Makeup | {Imeka} Sweet Make Up CATWA NEW
Eyes | -SU!- Belladonna Eyes @ N21
Hair | .Olive. the Snow Princess Hair - Morning Coffee
Hairbow | .tsg. Princess Hairbow - Pink x Pink (Sheer) 
cutie loot exclusive (april)
Headdress | darkendStare. Neko Bell Headband [Pink] (stripes)
Lashes | [Buzz] The Nymph Eyelash {Catwa} 
the epiphany
Leg Wraps | Sweet Thing. Ballet Leg Wraps - Petal (Maitreya)
Lipstick | [Buzz] The Spring Tint - Pinks {Catwa} the epiphany
Nails | alaskametro<3 "Dazzle" nail art - Maitreya cosmetic fair
Panties | Sweet Thing. Ballerina Panty - Petal (Maitreya)
Pose | Kirin - Cutie Pie Pose 5 @ kustom9
Skin | Pink Acid Lily Rose Catwa Bento Applier Natural NB Mocha2 @ cosmetic fair
Whiskers | *N*Bunny(usagi) whiskers @ fantasy faire