Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I don't really know what I'm feeling lately. I feel disconnected and disinterested in maintaining friendships with people who don't seem all that interested in me. I feel like I don't talk much (I haven't for.. probably a few years) but yet still my closest friends look after me and care just as much as they used to. Maybe I feel replaced by some who I used to consider close, or maybe I'm apathetic to certain situations in some cases. I'm not sure which. I used to try really hard to keep up with people and make sure we stayed close, but it was usually one-sided. The older I get, the less interested I am in trying; or just.. any of it in general. Maybe I'm just finally realizing my worth. That would be something. Maybe I'm just tired. Or thinking too much. -laugh- I'm so thankful for the ones who stick close and don't make it feel awkward or one-sided, and have always treasured me like I do with them despite how quiet I may sometimes be.

Sorry for that little personal rant. Didn't expect to come out of a break to go straight into it, I swear! I've actually been playing a lot of 7 Days to Die since my bf gave me a copy. It's a lot of fun and I've been spending most of my time doing that rather than being on SL. It's helped me stay sane, I think. Being away from all the drama and focusing on me and my wellness is one of the best things I could do for me. 

I'll try to catch up on blogging soon, much love. <3 xx

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Boots | [BREATHE]-Kendra Heels-Black @ shoetopia
Eye Makeup | {aii} + Omega Applier Geisha's Kiss / Inu's Dusk +
Garter | *MUKA* Garter Love
Hair | TRUTH HAIR Coco [Buns] w/ bangs
Hairbows | TRUTH HAIR Coco [Buns] [Dbl Bow]
Mask | 00A[Cubic Cherry] {Vain} Mask white @ lootbox
Pose | Body Language SLC Bento SS Pose - Heart Signal
Shorts | -Pixicat- Tilde.Shorts Highwaisted - Stripes nr1 (Maitreya)
Top | 12[Cubic Cherry] {Vain} top (Maitreya) white cross black