Monday, July 31, 2017

Hey guys! So I thought my other post for today would be my last, but I decided to catch up a little more and get another one pushed out. I had a lot of fun doing it anyway, so why not?

Epiphany opened up two weeks ago, so I'm just a bit late to show you, but Cureless has this fantasticly beautiful set there and I wanted to make sure I showed you before the round ended. Also got a couple other things on that will be listed in the credits. I assume I will be covering Gacha Garden next, since I just picked up a ton of great stuff to share. Keep reading! I took the photo at the beautiful Collins Land sim.

{ credits }

Dress | CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Hinnagami Yukata / RARE @ the epiphany
Ears | + SAVE THE EARS! Bento Fox Ears Snow + {aii}
Eye Makeup/Lipstick | alaskametro<3 "Daytime" makeup palette - Catwa @ mesh body addicts TOMORROW
Eyes | CURELESS[+] Cat Eye Syndrome
Hair | [monso] My Hair - Ruda /Black&White
Kitsune | CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Zenko Kitsune Descending / RED the epiphany
Lantern | AsteroidBox. Holding Lantern // Gold @ mysterious forest
Pose | [KoKoLoReS] Portrait me - pose 002
Sleeves | CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Hinnagami Sleeves / RARE the epiphany
Tails | TFCGachaLootBox . Kitsune RARE
Tattoo | Omega~ Lakshmi, Fire +FGInc.[WEAR] @ gacha garden TOMORROW
Tears | 
CURELESS[+] Dragon Tears