Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hello guys! Sorry for a 5 day disappearance. Needed some space and time to myself basically. Still not feeling too hot (although I am better) and dealing with some body pain as well, so it's nottt exactly making me feel like doing much. I did make sure to get a post out for you though! I will try to have another soon so I can stay caught up with everything. Hope you enjoy!

{ credits }

Balloons | [Black Bantam] Love Balloon Decor Silver
[Black Bantam] I <3 You Balloon Heart Decor Pink
[Black Bantam] I <3 You Balloon Decor White
[Black Bantam] X O Balloon Set Silver
[Black Bantam] I <3 You Balloon Decor Pink @ the chapter four NEW
Bookshelf | {moss&mink} Magical Bookcase @ crystal heart festival
Books | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Sailor Book - common crystal heart festival
Bowl | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Bowl - common 
crystal heart festival
Build | shine by [ZD] SCANDI SUMMER DREAMS GACHA * Scandi House RARE @ gacha guardians
Cans | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Juice cans - common crystal heart festival
Counter | +Half-Deer+ Scalloped Counter Table (Pink)
Dango Set | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Dango Plate - Common crystal heart festival
Garland | {moss&mink} Magical garland crystal heart festival
Handheld System | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Lightendo - common 
crystal heart festival
Icecream | 5.Cherry House-Candy ice cream-Taro @ the seasons story OPEN TOMORROW
Icecream Maker | 7.Cherry House-Candy ice cream-Ice cream machine-Pink @ the seasons story OPEN TOMORROW
Makeup | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Makeups - common crystal heart festival
Rose Petals | +Half-Deer+ Rose Petals - Pink - Medium
Table | dust bunny . woodland dreams . carved table
Vanity Table | +Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Desk/Vanity Table (White)
Wand | Wednesday[+] ~ Crystal Life ~ Scepter - common crystal heart festival

Bindi | :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Bindi (Gold) 
crystal heart festival FREE GIFT
Boots | friday - Fisher Boots (Fox) @ uber
Hair | [^.^Ayashi^.^] Chibi hair crystal heart festival
Hair Accessory | TCH gift *{( konpeitou )}*  black lady  ornamental crystal heart festival FREE GIFT
Pose | 6.SallieLanguage Crystal Heart S Pose HUD White crystal heart festival
Skirt | 8.SallieLanguage Crystal Heart S Skirt Pink crystal heart festival
Staff | +Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff - Kitty Stardream Wand RARE
Top | 7.SallieLanguage Crystal Heart S Tops Pink crystal heart festival