Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hello my loves! So.. I think we had a mini tornado today. Just a bit ago, actually. I was assuming that the severe thunderstorm warning was all it was going to be. I don't think we even got that, other than the heavy rain. Then the wind picked up really fast and got a bit crazy. I heard it knocked around a lot of things outside. It was very interesting to say the least.

Anywho! I'm blogging a lot right now so I can finish covering the events I'm in and then have some play time and dress up in whatever I have left over. I also put on some new goods from CURELESS for Epiphany and the Seasons Story because I can never resist her pretty items. Hope you guys like!

{ credits }

Bath Set | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY * Foot Bath  RARE @ gacha guardians
Bottles | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Sels de Bain 
gacha guardians
Boxes | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Storage Boxes pink 
gacha guardians
Decorative Mirror | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Belted Mirror 
gacha guardians
Heater | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Old shabby Heater 
gacha guardians
Magazine | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY*  Magazine 
gacha guardians
Pamper Bottles | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Hair Treats gacha guardians
Plant | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Frangipani gacha guardians
Rug | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Bath Rug 
gacha guardians
Shelf | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Antique Shelf gacha guardians
Towels | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Stack of Towels pink 
gacha guardians
Vanity | shine by [ZD] BEAUTY DAY* Console Table gacha guardians

Bunny Mask | CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Bunny Mask / PINK @ epiphany open tonight
Corset | 
CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / RARE epiphany open tonight
Feet | 
CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Feet / PINK epiphany open tonight
Flowers | CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / Flowers 
epiphany open tonight
Gloves | CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Hand / PINK epiphany open tonight
Hair | [e] Bella
Panties | 
CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / Panty / RARE epiphany open tonight
Pose | {PINGPONG} HANI Bento poses #4
Skin | CURELESS [+] Atropine Skin / PORCELAIN / CATWA @ the seasons story NEW
Stockings | CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Tights / PINK epiphany open tonight

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