Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hey loves! So I got the first half of the stuff done today which wasn't bad at all. I expected much worse, so it was a pleasant surprise. I thought maybe I'd be in pain for Christmas this year (Merry Christmas to me, right?) but thankfully that's not really the case. I have some goods for Lootbox to share today! It's actually a collaboration between two stores- nani and Eliavah. I don't blog fantasy things too often, but I have a lot of fun when I do. There's also some things from Stardust, Suicidal Unborn and Just Magnetized as well. Hope you like! If you're doing any last minute Christmas/holiday shopping, I hope you have some luck. Oh, and I took the photo at Angel of Pain.

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Butterflies | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - animated butterflies 2 groupA-10
nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - animated butterflies 2 groupB-10 @ lootbox NEW
Collar | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - choker @ lootbox NEW
Dress | nani+eliavah ~ Twinsilk Dress [MAITREYA] *Black Metal* @ lootbox NEW
Eyes | .ARISE. Laurel Eyes / 8 @ limit8 NEW
Eyeshadow | Just Magnetized - Insta Beauty set 05 powder pack exclusive
Glass | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - martini glass @ lootbox NEW
Hair | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - hair RARE @ lootbox NEW
Hairbase | Just Magnetized - Basic Hairbase - set 19 for CATWA @ applique
Hairpieces | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - flowers RARE @ lootbox NEW
Lipstick | -SU!- Agatha Lipstick Essentials +CATWA APPLIER+ @ shiny shabby
Pose | *{( konpeitou )}* dreamy
Sleeves | nani+eliavah ~ Twinsilk Sleeves [MAITREYA] *Black Metal* @ lootbox NEW
Tattoos | Stardust - Sora - Maitreya black tattoo
Stardust - Soraya - Maitreya black tattoo
Vines | nani+eliavah ~ Fleur Body Vines [Maitreya] **RARE** FOR DRESS @ lootbox NEW
Wings | nani+eliavah / fae's monarch - queen's wings @ lootbox NEW