Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sorry for the downtime lovelies! I know I always say that when it hasn't even been a week.. but I honestly needed some time to myself, since I really wasn't feeling like doing much blogging. I will be better about it soon though, since I still need to cover a couple more posts for Imaginarium after this. And soon after I finish those, there will be the Okinawa Winter Festival! And then.. shortly after that.. (oh gosh, there's more!?) I'll be covering Etoile which will be starting up next month! So really, I won't have much time to play around I suppose. I'll be super busy with blog posts. So it's nice to get my little break out of the way now.

By the way, today's post is actually for Imaginarium (mostly), speaking of. Hope you like it!

{ credits }

Build | ++HY's++/*Coffee Shop*
Candy Dispensers | -Nomi-Candy Time-Candy tube 01(Light)
-Nomi-Candy Time-Candy tube 02(Light)
-Nomi-Candy Time-Candy tube 03(Light) @ imaginarium
Cart | +Half-Deer+ Hot Chocolate Bar Cart - ALL
Counter | -Nomi-Candy Time-Counters(Light) RARE @ imaginarium
Frames | Ariskea[Patisserie] Yummy Frames
Garlands | +Half-Deer+ Hot Chocolate Bar Cart - Garland
Gift Boxes | -Nomi-Candy Time-Gift Box 01(Light)
-Nomi-Candy Time-Gift Box 02(Light) imaginarium
Lollipops | -Nomi-Candy Time-Lollipops 01(Light)
-Nomi-Candy Time-Lollipops 02(Light) imaginarium
Menu Board | Ariskea[Patisserie] Menu Board
Rug | -Nomi-Candy Time-Carpet(Light) @ imaginarium
Tables | -Nomi-Candy Time-Double table(Light) 
Toppings | -Nomi-Candy Time-Chocolate dish 01(Light)
-Nomi-Candy Time-Chocolate dish 02(Light) imaginarium
Tree | -Nomi-Candy Time-X'mas Tree(Light)carpet imaginarium

Blush | MICHAN - Luna Blush [Catwa] @ women only hunt NEW
Dress | ~Nerido~ Milena Upper Dress(Maitreya)-Pink imaginarium
Eyes | [Buzz] Breeze Eyes - RARE
Hair | {Limerence} Berta hair-Common2 imaginarium
Lashes | MICHAN - Riley Lashes [Catwa] @ paying it forward NEW
Nails | alaskametro<3 "Macarons" nail art - Maitreya manicure candy fair gift
Pose/Giftbox | BellePoses - Santa Honey 5 @ winter trend NEW
Skin | BT:Aiko"CATWA"Applier BST5 gift
Stockings | PICHI - Knit Wool Tights 4 (Maitreya Applier) imaginarium

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