Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hey lovelies! I have a lot of left over because the event goes on til the end of the month.. so I thought I'd do one last Gacha Garden post! I'm all caught up and didn't have much else to do, so it was kind of fun. I hope you enjoy the photo!

{ credits }

Benches | 12.Cherry House-Porridge shop-bench @ gacha garden
Build | 16.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Chinese two storey building-RARE gacha garden
Counters | 1.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Counter-A
8.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Counter-B gacha garden
Food | 5.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Porridge-B
[LJ] Take Out Sodas - Giver - Gacha Garden Group Gift 2
[LJ] Take Out - Fried Rice
[LJ] Take Out - Egg Rolls
[LJ] Take Out - Fortune Cookie - Extra
[LJ] Take Out - Chopsticks - Extra gacha garden
Lantern | 3.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Counter-C gacha garden
Partitions | 15.Cherry House-Porridge shop-partition-B gacha garden
Table | 13.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Table gacha garden
Wall Decor | 18.Cherry House-Porridge shop-gift 
11.Cherry House-Porridge shop-Billboard gacha garden

Bracelet | ::Static:: Love Me Knot - 02 Bracelet 
gacha garden
Choker | {vincue} Rossie+Set - Choker RARE
Hair | pr!tty - Pop gacha garden
Hairpiece | {vincue} Rossie+Set - Headpiece RARE
Pose | *icen*Yukata03
Yukata | Anachron - Mini Yukata Fancy - Dark Chidori
Anachron - Mini Yukata Obi Fancy - Dark Chidori

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