Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hello and good morning! Also, happy Valentine's Day. I remembered it was coming up a few days before, yet I forgot it was actually the day of today, until an hour after I woke up. -laugh- Not that it matters, I'm probably not doing anything for it since the bf has to work later and we can't take his car anywhere right now. I'm used to it now, though! Just a few new things today from Asteroidbox, Kokolores, and Vincue. Also, I reused the moss&mink set for Gacha Garden because it was too pretty not to. Hope you like!

{ credits }

Candles | {moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Candles @
gacha garden
Drink | {moss&mink} Picnic in the Park - Honey Milkshake
Flowers | {moss&mink} Picnic in the Park - Daisies
Jacuzzi | {moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Jacuzzi gacha garden
Light Orbs | {moss&mink} Summer of 69 - Light orbs
Pergola | {moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Pergola RARE gacha garden
Petals | {moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Fairylight Petals gacha garden
Plants | {moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Planter 1
{moss&mink} Tropical Bliss - Planter 2 gacha garden
Potion | {moss&mink} Magic & Mystery - Magical Love potion

Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Diana for XOXO hunt NEW
Panties | Vincue / Sophie Undie - Maitreya (Candy) @ froufrou NEW
Pose | . Infiniti . - On The Floor - 4
Sunglasses | AsteroidBox. Y2K Paris Glasses - Pink @ rewind open tomorrow!
Top | Vincue / Sophie Top - Maitreya (Candy) froufrou NEW

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