Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hello lovelies! For some reason my crazy ass decided to stay up until nearly 7AM this morning to get this photo done because I was inspired very late at night. Go figure. I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep, but for some reason I guess it was good sleep because I feel rested. While I'm not distracted by watching DansGaming play Sekiro, I figured I would get the post done! The reason I got inspired, anyway, was because I found this post on twitter stating that a shop called A&R had a bunch of free poses. I went to check it out and the rest is history. If you want to go and see yourself, you can also pick them up. Absolutely free! There are some that cost lindens, however they are very cheap compared to most others. They so generously gave us these poses to work with, so I will make sure to do that! Maybe it will prevent me from going back to the same few all the time. There are three areas in which there are free poses, by the way. You can use the teleporter to get to them. Happy shopping!

{ credits }

A&R kawaii pose 1-4 free
::C'est la vie !:: Morena Hair @ salon52
+ Demon Spit // Himiko Igari Eye Makeup / Saccharine [OMEGA]
FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Flutter (Blush)
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.6 - Mocap
{HIME*DREAM} Ayane Skin Applier Genus - Medium
HORNTAIL - Maitreya Rika Outfit ([PINK] Collar//Kinky Bikini//Pants//Ribbon//Uniform) @ harajuku
MICHAN - Marion Lashes [Genus] @ n21
:: MOMOCHUU :: GENUS Lips applier - SODA Set @ kustom9
:: MOMOCHUU :: Kawaii Angel Tattoo Blusher  [Maitreya]
-Nomi- Rotation Star
*(OO)*YUKI_Bing Eye Gift [GENUS]