Thursday, May 16, 2019

Hey guys. I did a collab with my good friend Syn (you might recognize her by now) for Cyber/Punk Fair, since I had a few things to blog for it and thought I'd go check out the event. Definitely was worth doing. It's pretty wild there. I mean that as a good thing, by the way. This is probably my favorite event this year! Anyway, if you want to know what Syn's wearing, make sure you check out her blog. Nearly everything you see is for the Cyber/Punk event, so head over there if you like what you see. And yes, today's blog title is referencing BLACKPINK, who I love listening to.

{ credits }

Animosity - C-119
Animosity - Sci-fi Handgun
Blah.[Genesis Set] Maitreya Lara/Pants//Top - Sky @ cyber/punk fair
#Cranked# Backdrop Cyberpunk 2077 cyber/punk fair
DISORDERLY. / Experimental / Standing Light
Insomnia Angel - Cyber Kitsune Mask [custom] FAT cyber/punk fair
K&S - // posters cyber/punk fair
Moon. Hair. // Violet
Mug - Octina Legs cyber/punk fair
-Sorumin- Cyber Arm -Right- Maitreya cyber/punk fair
OLQINU : cyber survivor <neon sign [foundation]> 17